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When people ask me why I've chosen not to submit my plays and musicals to theater companie

In Greenville Mississippi after the civil war, the willims, a family of sharecroppers managed to acquire the land their ancestors once lived and worked as slaves. The year is 1945 and the matriarch of the family Ethel-May Is determined to keep the tradition of land ownership and family legacy alive. After the recent death of her eldest daughter Ruth, Ethel is forced to consider her estranged eldest son as the beneficiary of the family land. Bobby has recently returned to Mississippi with his wife Charlotte (a Caucasian woman) and is determined to claim his legal share.





Redemption is an original musical based loosely on the life of singer Felicia Moss. Felicia Moss is the first cousin of Whitney Houston and niece to the beloved Cissy Houston from New Hope Baptist church in Newark New Jersey. The story traces Felicia's journey on the road with legendary superstar Whitney Houston. Cousin and employee, the story offers a new and unfiltered perspective on her famous family and her personal battle with drug addiction. 

Between 1916 and 1970, 6 million African Americans migrated out of the rural southern states to the urban northeast, midwest, and west.After many generations of enduring slavery, Black codes and jim crow laws, the keys family finds the courage to leave their home in Greenville Mississippi. Migration is the story of Ruth and Levi and their journey by way of train to what they pray will be a new life up north.



Chained is the story of a group of African American and Caucasian actors chosen to play the roles of slaves and masters in a historical slave love story. This Play within a play journeys back in time, exposing a new generation to the effects of the past on the state of the future.  

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